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Home Insurance: What’s Covered?


Even in a happy home, things can go wrong. Pipes can burst, roofs can cave in, a burglar can steal your important possessions. Replacing and repairing these things can be expensive, leaving you in financial ruin when it’s all taken care of. Thankfully, you can save yourself the expenses and the stress by getting A to Z homeowners insurance. The policies feature coverage to protect you and your home in cases of misfortune. Listed below are some of the things that get covered with homeowners insurance.

Personal Belongings- Some homeowner insurance policies protect your personal belongings if they are stolen or damaged in the home.

Roof Replacement- If you roof caves in or receives water damage, this coverage will take care of the repairs.

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Dwelling coverage- If your home receives structure damage, if you want to replace your carpet, or your built-in appliances malfunction, this insurance covers it.

Water Back Up- Covers the loss caused by back up from sewers and drains.

Other structures coverage- Covers other structures at your house like gazebos and garages.

Contents coverage- This covers furniture, clothing and other items in your home that experience a loss.

Medical payments to others- If someone is injured or dies at your home, this coverage will take care of medical bills and funeral costs.

Ordinance or law insurance- If your house isn’t built to code, this insurance will cover the costs to rebuild.

Flood insurance- This coverage option will take care of the coats of loss related to a flood.

Earthquake coverage- If your home is damaged in an earthquake, this insurance policy will cover the repair costs.

You never know what can happen in your home. That’s why it’s best to be prepared for anything. If you’re interested in keeping your home safe, get an A-Z Home Insurance quote now! You can never be too safe.



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