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The Landlord Insurance Coverage Options you should Know


Being a Landlord comes with a lot of responsibilities. Landlords are required to manage multiple properties at once. They must be prepared to respond to any issue at their properties. If something needs to be repaired, the landlord has to ensure that those damages are fixed. To cover these costs, landlords should acquire Landlord Insurance.

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At A to Z Insurance, we’ll help you find the best Landlord Insurance rates in your state. Common coverage options include:

Liability Insurance- Protects you from any lawsuits or legal action by tenants and visitors

Property Damage- Covers damage to your buildings and the property of your tenants if they are damaged by fire, flood, theft, burglary, or vandalism

Loss of Income- Cover you in case you experience a loss of income due to your building being uninhabitable.

Additional rental business insurance- Covers you from fraud by office staff or covers any lost or damaged data or paperwork.

Workers comp- Covers any injuries of any employees you may have working the grounds of a property.

Additional natural disaster coverage- Covers some damage caused by natural disasters and extreme weather.

You have a lot to worry about as a landlord. Don’t let you liabilities be one of them. Request a free A-Z Landlord Insurance quote today and get instant results. It’ll take us no time to find you the best rates on the Landlord Insurance Coverage you need.

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