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Why is Manufactured Home Insurance so Expensive

Though Manufactured Homes cost less than standard homes, they a relatively more expensive to insure. They are also much quicker to build, but not a durable in extreme situations. For this reason manufactured home insurance cost much more than regular home insurance.

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Because of the way they are made, many manufactured homes are not as durable as a traditional stick-built home mainly because they are not securely anchored. Their weight makes them weak in resistance to high winds and floods.

Fires also cause a great amount of damage to Manufactured Homes because they spread much faster in mobile homes than they do in traditional homes. Manufactured homes are also more at risk to theft and damage from burst pipes.

Even though manufactured homes are more vulnerable than standard homes, they are still a great investment and a comfortable, lucrative living option. We can help you find the best rates from A-Z Insurance. You can get instant results when you request a free A-Z Manufactured Home Insurance quote