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The Best Motorcycle Roads and Rides in the U.S.


You didn’t buy a motorcycle just to commute to work. Chances are, you want to get your bike on the open road away from the traffic and other distracted drivers. There are many great roads to ride motorcycles across the United States. Below we have listed the 8 best places to ride motorcycles!

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Coronado Trail, AZ

Ride Distance: 118 Miles

Characteristics: mountain scenery, hiking trails, camp sites

Route 36, CA

Ride Distance: 140 Miles

Characteristics: forest scenery, windy roads, hills and high elevation

San Juan Mountain Skyway, CO

Ride Distance:  225 Miles

Characteristics: journey through the Rocky Mountains, ski resorts, national parks, hot springs

Tunnel of Trees, MI

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Ride Distance: 22 Miles

Characteristics: ride along Lake Michigan, dense forest, Legs Inn in Cross Village

The Hellbender 28, NC

Ride Distance: 22 Miles

Characteristics: Fontana Dam, Fontana Village, Great Smoky Mountains National Park,

Route 555, OH

Ride Distance: 34 Miles

Characteristics: farms, rolling hills, Wayne National Forest

The Twisted Sisters, TX

Ride Distance: 131 Miles

Characteristics: rivers, twists and curves, ranches, Frio River swimming hole

Blue Ridge Parkway, VA

Ride Distance: 469 Miles

Characteristics: views of Virginia countryside, Smokey Mountains, Cherokee Indian Reservation

Now that you know the spots, hop on your bike and hit the road.  Be sure to check with your motorcycle insurance provider about your coverage for travelling long distances. If you don’t have any motorbike insurance coverage, you should seriously look into getting some to keep your bike and yourself protected. We can help you find the best rates from the top providers in the nation. Contact us now and request a free A to Z Motorcycle Insurance quote today!



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