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Why Buying a Motorcycle is a Good Idea


You’re sitting in stand-still traffic; the freeway feels more like a parking lot. The only driver moving forward is the motorcyclist that just zipped past your open window. You envy the rider as they ride out of your range of vision surpassing the hundreds of stationary cars and trucks. You think, “A motorcycle would be perfect for situations like these.”

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Though many people have negative things to say about the safety of motorcycles, they are still a great option when it comes to deciding on a motor vehicle for yourself. Below we break down some of the advantages of owning a motorcycle.

Low Costs- Motorcycles can save you a lot of money. Motorcycles cost relatively less than cars and trucks. Their gas mileage is great; usually averaging about 60 miles per gallon. They are also inexpensive to repair and maintain as compared to other motor vehicles.

Space Saver- Because of their small size, you can virtually park anywhere without issue; even in areas designated for regular bikes. Also, their size allows you to lane split (drive between lanes) in stand-still traffic.

Cleaning- Motorcycles are much easier to clean than cars.

Eco-Friendly- Another advantage of motorbikes is how safe they are for the environment. Motorcycles emit less harmful gases and fumes into the atmosphere than cars do.

Resale Value- Unlike cars and trucks, motorcycles retain most of their value and can be resold for almost as much as you bought it for.

Fellowship- When you start riding a motorcycle, you become a part of a much bigger family. Motorcyclists will often wave or nod at one another when they pass on the road. It’s like you are a part of one big, exclusive group.

If you are considering purchasing a motorcycle, these reasons should help you make your decision. If you do decide to buy one, don’t forget to also obtain A to Z Motorcycle Insurance. It will protect you in case there is a collision, theft, bodily injury and more. We can help you find the best insurance rates for the top providers in the nation. All you have to do is request a free A to Z Motorcycle Insurance quote and we’ll do the rest!



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