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The 101 on Vacant Home Insurance


Vacant homes can be an unlikely responsibility. Though no one lives on vacant property, there are still liabilities that need coverage. Being a Vacant property owner involves risk. Some coverage options on your standard homeowners insurance policy may not apply to your vacant home.  Because of this, you may be required to acquire A to Z Vacant Property Insurance.

Vacant Home Insurance

Reasons you would need Vacant Property Insurance

  • Moved to a new place but haven’t sold your property
  • You temporarily moved while your home is being renovated
  • The home was given to you in an estate or will
  • You leave on sabbatical or an extended trip

Some of the common coverage options for Vacant Property Insurance

Agreed Loss Settlement- If your property is destroyed, you can receive the full amount of agreed-upon insurance for your home.

Full 12 Month Policy- Some providers offer flexible payment plans and pro-rated termination if you decide to cancel your policy before the year is up.

Liability Coverage- If someone is injured on your vacant property, you may be held legally responsible. If someone does experience an injury on your property, this coverage option will handle the liability.

Named Peril Coverage- This covers perils named in your policy. These perils include fires, explosions, wind damage, or damage form hail.

Vandalism and Malicious Mischief Coverage- If anything is stolen from your vacant property and it is broken into and someone causes damage, the repairs can get pricey. This coverage option will take care of those losses.

If your property does become vacant, be sure to look in to getting A-Z Vacant Property Insurance. This will keep your property and your finances safe. We can help you find the best rates on Vacant Property. Contact us now and request a free A-Z  Vacant Home Insurance  quote online instantly.





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